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British International College

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Nestled in Sandton is the British International College (BIC). BIC follows the international syllabi set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), allowing students from all over the world, including South Africa, to gain a globally recognised secondary education. Our students are exceptionally bright and ambitious and held to the highest of academic standards, resulting in phenomenal results in their exams. We have had numerous students achieving top results in the world and or in South Africa in their subjects.

Contact Us

130, Bryanston Drive, Bryanston
Phone Number: +27 11 706-7775
Fax Number: +27 11 706-7829
e-Mail : info@bicollege.co.za

British International College - Pretoria

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In order to support demand from Pretoria students, BIC has a campus in Pretoria that caters to a smaller population. This campus also follows the CIE syllabi, but only for IGCSE and A-Levels (we only offer the Foundation level full-time at the Bryanston campus). We have a very international, bright and ambitious population of students in Pretoria, who are held to the same high BIC rules and standards. Similar to the Bryanston campus, the Pretoria campus has had numerous students achieving results on their exams that make them top in the world and or in South Africa for their subjects.

Contact Us

Cnr Stanza Popape & East Stress,Eastcliff
Phone Number: +27 12 343-5237
Fax Number: +27 12 343-5249
e-Mail : adminpretoria@bicollege.co.za

British International Distance College

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Homeschooling has been on the rise around the world in recent years. In response to this, BIC established the British International Distance College (BIDC). BIDC offers distance learners the ability to gain the Cambridge international qualifications, with the freedom to pursue their other goals. Our students range from professional athletes and performers to world travellers. Students write the same CIE exams as full-time students and can complete their Foundation, IGCSE and AS courses through correspondence, gaining support from our Tutors and Student Advisors.

Contact Us

130 Bryanston drive, Bryanston
Phone no.: +27 11 706 7199
Fax no. : +27 11 706 4267
Assignment fax no: 086 6029 799
Email: info@bidc.co.za

Leavers’ Quotes

“Thank you for creating BIC in such a flexible way that each individual fits into it like a family” Cindy Wills – Student

“Throughout my time at BIC I have been surrounded with unending concern, love and encouragement. BIC literally retaught me how to think and helped me expand my personal potential boundaries. Thank you for moving me closer to realizing my ability to work hard and love much.” Perry Fisher – Student

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful past five years at the College which I have greatly enjoyed. Your guidance has aided me to become the person that I am today.” Karabo Masipa – Student

“Andrew has thoroughly enjoyed his time at BIC and I have been very pleased with his academic progress at the College. I would especially like to thank the wonderful teachers that he has had for their contribution to his education.| Judy Backhouse – Parent

“I would like to thank you for allowing me to attend such a remarkable College for these past two and a half years. The lessons I’ve learnt in class and out will be sure to guide me in many of my future life decisions. Yours kindly, your ‘not-so-perfect’ student.” Candice Sparks – Student

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all your input and support over the past year. My son has been exceptionally happy at the College and has progressed so nicely, for which I am most grateful.” Mark Naylor – Parent

"We wanted to let you know that J is now in Hong Kong and a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he is studying (just started!) bio-sciences. He left SA about 2 weeks ago and had to attend an orientation camp – something he says was exhausting but great fun. However, we are so grateful that he was able to get an education that allowed him access to one of the top universities in the East. To you and your staff, our sincerest thanks for all you did to help him along his way." J. Barlow


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